Aquatic Plant Surveys

Aquatic Plant Surveys and Mapping

Aquatic plant surveys consist of examining a waterbody’s littoral zone (the area where plants have the ability to grow) and identifying all aquatic plant species that are present, as well as determining the frequency and abundance of each species. Each survey is adapted to meet the specific needs of each lake and client. Aquatic plant surveys are necessary to identify invasive species and/or threatened species. Conducting these surveys once or more per year allows for early detection of invasives, which then allows for management of the species early-on, before the species spreads and requires high-cost management efforts. Additionally, in most cases, the state requires one aquatic plant survey prior to an herbicide treatment and a second survey after the treatment is completed to determine its effect on the plant population.

winchester-aquatic-plant-map.jpgWe use the data collected from the survey to create a map of the lake that portrays the species of interest, particularly the location and density of invasive species. We will then provide recommendations for the management of nuisance and/or invasive aquatic plants in the lake. We will also work closely with the company chosen to perform the management measures to ensure that achieves the best possible outcome and does not negatively impact the lake.

To learn about invasive aquatic plants in Connecticut, please visit our Connecticut Aquatic Invasive Plants education page.

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