Volunteer Monitors


Volunteer monitors help collect data about their lake by conducting water quality monitoring and/or collecting inlet samples. Volunteer monitoring lowers the cost of lake management by reducing the number of times that we (NEAR) visit the lake.

We help lake groups develop these volunteer monitoring programs. To ensure that the data being collected is accurate and consistent, it is necessary for all volunteer monitors to be trained in the data collection methods. If you are interested in starting a volunteer monitoring program at your lake, please contact us to discuss the details of the program and set up a training.

Volunteer Monitoring Guide (click here to access printable version)
Volunteer monitor guide page 1Volunteer monitor guide page 2

NEAR Stormwater Sampling Guidelines (click here to access printable version)
Stormwater sampling guidelines pg 1Stormwater Sampling guidelines pg 3Stormwater sampling guidelines pg 2Stormwater Sampling guidelines pg 3

Volunteer Monitor Data Sheet (click here to access printable version)
Volunteer Monitor Data Sheet


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